03 August 2022

6 Ways to Level Up Your Software Team’s Coding Skills

Software developers are a critical resource. Whether building internal systems or developing products, their coding acumen brings incredible value to every endeavor.

Staying competitive in the marketplace requires continued investment in your team’s professional development. Learning how to improve coding skills is critical to continued success for your team.

This guide will explore ways to enrich your team’s programming education by helping you determine your training benchmarks.

07 July 2022

What is Multitenancy with Cloud Services? What is Azure Services?

Multitenancy, as related to cloud services, is where a 3rd party Cloud Service Provider (CSP) hosts services for one or more entities (tenants) that are accessed via the internet.  Think along the line of living in an apartment or a business in a building that also has other businesses in the building; you are renting, or leasing space and/or services provided by someone else (3rd party). Each occupant (person or business) is a tenant in the building—multitenancy.  Multitenancy with a cloud service provider is much the same, in the CSP provide a certain level of service to host a tenant’s resources or services [...]

07 July 2022

What is Co-Responsibly with Cloud Services? What Are Cloud Service Models?

Co-responsibility, related to cloud services, is the shared, or co-responsibility between the tenant (customer) and the cloud service provider for [fill-in the blank] product or service.  How much responsibility each has depends on what type of service is being provided and varies from vendor to vendor.  Three common models with co-responsibility [...]

07 July 2022

What is the Difference Between Wireless or Wired Connections to the internet? What are the Differences in Application Types (Desktop, Mobile and Web)?

Wireless connections to the internet provide you the freedom to move around and not be restricted to being in a fixed location—a network cable. Wireless network can provide high-speed connections, but many factors can affect how good the signal is between a device and the wireless access point connected to [...]

05 July 2022

How to Connect to the Internet? What is Cloud Computing?

How to Connect to the Internet?

There are many ways to connect to the internet, with the following being the most common:

  • Cellular Network Provider—wireless connection:  Using a cellular network provider to connect a smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. to a cellular network to access the internet.
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)—wired and/or wireless:  ISP’s provide direct connections to the internet via wired ‘landline’ connection, satellite or wireless.  Each ISP has a [...]

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